dilluns, 22 de juny de 2015

Bye bye Comenius! Have a nice summer holidays!

We are very sad! We have to say goodbye to the Comenius Project Knowing me, knowing you, knowing our roots for the future!
Families, students and teachers are very happy with the project and we have all learnt a lot of different things and points of views!
Thank you for being our European friends!
We wish you a very nice summer holidays!

Nice to meet you!

During these two last years, we have learnt so many things! It's a pleasure to have worked with you!
Thank you!

dissabte, 20 de juny de 2015

Comenius exhibition!

We invite you to come to our school Comenius exhibition! 
You can discover what we studied and learnt, see students work and see the final products of this fantastic project!

Final festival

Students prepared a dance festival!
It was like the European singing contest but we called the Comenius Vision!
Students in different groups represented one of the Comenius countries and they prepared a dance and some decorations too!
Parents were invited to the festival too! It was great and wonderful!

Knowing me, knowing you, knowing our roots for the future!

Don't forget the title of our Comenius project!
Reapeat with me... Knowing me, knowing you, knowing our roots for the future!

If you want to discover the title of the comenius project in the different comenius languages, click HERE!

6th grade presentations

The students of 6th grade studied Greece so they prepared very nice presentations of this country that you can see in our exhibition at school!
They did a research about the food, the educational system, politics, geography...
Come to school and visit our exhibition!

divendres, 19 de juny de 2015

Euro Fairy Tale

The Euro Fairy tale is finished! 

It travelled around all our schools and all the students participated in creating this nice story! Read the story and enjoy it!

 Euro fairy tale!